Rust Eraser #320 Grit by Misc Makers

  • Rust Eraser #320 Grit by Misc Makers
Product Code: Rust Eraser #320 Grit by Misc Makers
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Maker: Misc Makers
Item num: ICN-EPI033
Item weight: 41g
Size: 70x38x8mm

This Rust Eraser nicely cleans and buffs away scratches & light surface rust on metal surfaces and more. 320 grit abrasive is suspended in a slightly "springy" rubber matrix, making it perfect for cleaning up slight imperfections on both curved and flat surfaces. The 320 grit Rust Eraser is very quick to remove rust and scratches and provides a clean looking satin finish. To clean up a surface faster, use the 120 grit.

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