Inox Honyaki - Deba 180mm by Suisin

  • Inox Honyaki - Deba 180mm by Suisin
  • Inox Honyaki - Deba 180mm by Suisin
  • Inox Honyaki - Deba 180mm by Suisin
Product Code: Inox Honyaki - Deba 180mm by Suisin
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Maker: Suisin
Item num: ICN-SUI114
Blade length: 180mm
Total length: 335mm
Blade width: 51.5mm
Blade thickness: 7.7mm
Item weight: 350g
Blade: True Forged/Hand forged Swedish Inox steel
, HRC 61
Bolster: Water buffalo horn ferrule
Handle: Hexagonal Yew wood

Description: Single Bevel - Right Hand use only

Deba knives have a thicker blade and are suitable for cutting through meats and many other heavy cutting tasks. It is traditionally used for filleting fish as well as cutting poultry, pork and beef. Its heaviness and thickness allow for easy chopping of fish bones, while its ability to take an extremely sharp edge allows for delicate work and the filleting of even the smallest fish.

These traditional style knives are entirely hand forged. Honyaki means "true forged", in other words, it is entirely hand forged from a single piece of steel - in this case, Swedish Inox steel. It is a very time consuming and difficult process. They have the sharpness and kirenaga of a traditional honyaki knife. The Inox blades do not absorb food odours and have strong rust-resistance properties. They will not rust, not tarnish or stain - unlike traditional Japanese knives. The blades are well balanced, hand finished, and have a steel density that makes for easier sharpening.

The hexagonal Yew wood handle fits confortably into the user's hand. A water buffalo horn ferrule adds nice contrast.

This is a unique knife and only available from Suisin and Iron Chef Knives.

Each knife is sent in a nice gift box with a saya and a fully polished razor sharp edge.

If you would like to see this knife in action, please see our following You Tube links:

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