About Us

Iron Chef Knives Owner, Frank Karapinar, is a qualified chef with over 23 years experience in the food industry.  In 2011, Frank founded Iron Chef Knives to identify and offer top quality knives at competitive prices for everyone using kitchen knives, from Executive Chefs to family cooks.

Today, there are so many brands, shapes, sizes and compositions available that it is difficult to know what works best without testing the full range of products.  This is where Frank offers a major advantage - with extensive professional experience and a passion for top quality product, he has tested the range of instruments and found that the best quality, design and sharpness retention comes from hand-made Japanese knives. As a result, Iron Chef Knives offers the best selection of quality Japanese knives in Australia at a great price.

Iron Chef Knives also offers in house hand sharpening, chip repairs and rust and stain removal using the best Japanese waterstones and silicone abrasives. Please feel free to send an email to ick@ironchefknives.com.au for a quote. 

Or, if you would like to learn how to sharpen your knives, or learn to chop, slice and julienne like a pro, Frank is offering a Learn to Cook - Knife Skills course at William Angliss Institute, Surry Hills through Sydney Community College.



About the Knives

From amateur cooks to sushi chefs and Executive Chefs, knife collectors to mom and dad, anyone working with food needs top quality tools to prepare great dishes, and the best tools available are Iron Chef Knives.

All of our knives have blades able to withstand stresses and strains of serious use.  Iron Chef Knives are constructed using the tradition of samurai sword making which has been refined many centuries and is still used today.  Authentic katana and samurai swords are made by skilled craftsman by forging metal, a process that involves folding and working a blade to tighten the grain pattern to make a strong, unique, balanced blade. Modern industrial blade making techniques, like stamping or milling, do not deliver the same integrity of a Iron Chef Knives, and therefore do not compare in durability or sharpness retention.

The knife making techniques used to make Iron Chef Knives have not changed for centuries and the makers themselves – mostly descendents of samurai sword smiths – are living legends.

Our knives come in all sorts of shapes or styles, sizes, blade composition and style, manufacturing technique, handles and prices to suit a wide variety of requirements.  Like a painter with his brushes, a chef has an array of knives, each with a specific purpose.  Iron Chef Knives offers a range of products to suit your specific requirements.


Our Guarantee

QUALITY - knives and products

VARIETY - of knife brands, styles, models and sizes

PRICE – great price range making quality products affordable for every purpose

EXPERIENCE – knowing you’re buying from someone in the industry with great product knowledge

DELIVERY – free shipping/delivery with orders over $150 within Australia

SUPPORT – 7 days a week support and technical advice

SERVICE – knife care and sharpening services

PASSION – I love my knives and I love what I do


For further information, check out the Frequently Asked Questions, or [Contact Us] for further information.


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For further information, check out the Frequently Asked Questions, or Contact Us for further information.

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